Here is a tutorial on how I created the spanish castle color illusion.

There are many ways of achieving this same effect, but this is how I did it.

You will need Photoshop or a similar photo editor. And a photo. I used a small photo for this tutorial,
but larger photos with a lot of color work best.

1. Open up that photo. On the menu bar select Layer —> Duplicate Layer.

2. Select the bottom layer. Select Image —> Adjust —> Desaturate.

3. Pick a 50% grey from the color palette.

4. Select the top layer. Select Edit —> Fill. Use Foreground Color, Mode: Luminosity, Opacity 100%.

5. Select Image —> Adjust —> Invert.

6. Make a new layer and draw a dot in the middle.

7. If you want, try tweaking the layers, increasing the saturation, brightness, sharpening, etc.

8. Save a JPEG. Turn off the 2nd layer and save another JPEG.

9. Upload to your webserver and make them into a rollover, or, open them in a program that will let you save an animation, like Imageready or Flash.

10. Enjoy !

Here's a Photoshop action that will do steps 1-5 for you. You'll have to draw your own dot. I think you can handle it!

Let me know if you create your own version of this illusion, or something similar, and and I will include it on a page of variations.

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